Bereavement Counselling

Loosing a significant person in our lives can be a devastating experience. Bereavement brings grieving and can lead to shock, anger, pain, guilt, depression, and longing. How we react is influenced by many different factors in our lives, including our age and personality, or cultural background, personal philosophy and religious beliefs, our previous experiences of bereavement, our circumstances and how we cope with loss. If our relationship with the deceased has been complicated or confused this can result in the grieving process being complicated.

Bereavement counselling can help by giving you space to grieve, giving you time to come to terms with the changes that have taken place in your life, enable you to adjust to living in a world that has completely changed, and create a new way of coping and adapting to your loss.

Everyone learns to adapt to loss and cope with their grief individually, there is no approach that will suit everyone. There are some really good books written about bereavement that may help your understanding, but none can provide you with a simple answer that will take the pain away.

Bereavement Counselling

Bereavement counselling will help you to understand your own reactions and give you the space to grieve without judgement.

Everything can be taken from a man or a woman but one thing: the last of human freedoms to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.
Viktor E. Frankl

Friends and family want us to return back to our old selves once again, and often within a very short time span. You may feel that other people are embarrassed around you, that they don’t know what to say and shy away.

The relationship you establish with your counsellor comes without preconditions, there are no expectations about how you will react or what you will want to explore. A therapist will not shy away from all the difficult things you need to explore or think about. You do not have to ‘stand on ceremony in the therapy room, you are free to express your grief in any way you want.

Bereavement counselling can really help you to cope and adapt to your loss but it can’t change what has happened – nothing can. Death is inevitable for everyone and nothing can turn back the clock and make everything OK once again. Counselling can help you find a away through the journey grief and help you to adapt to the permanent change that has taken place.