There are many forms of bullying. They can be physical emotional or psychological and can occur at any time in our lives.

As children we can feel powerless and vulnerable in the school or playground when our peers attack us for no good reason. This can go way beyond childhood taunting and can leave the victims suffering the repercussions for years. As an adult you may feel unable to assert yourself or deal well with confrontation as a result of childhood experience. This can hold back your progression as an adult in the workplace, within relationships or in social settings. Therapy can really help you come to terms with the experience you had as a child and empower you to become more assertive and find your voice as an adult. It can also help you come to terms with your childhood experiences and enable you to make new choices for your present and your future.

In our times, we have the added complications of bullying through social media sites and via text message. These are particularly insidious methods of bullying and thankfully are now being taken seriously.

As adults we can be the victims of bullying. Individuals can be the victim of bullying within domestic settings. Our partners, children, and parents can be the perpetrators. This can lead to very confusing emotions as on one hand we love those who are hurting us and on the other are left angry and frightened at their treatment of us.

There is also the problem of bullying in the workplace. This can be incredibly distressing and is the cause of stress and absence in the workplace. There are occasions when this is not treated seriously and can leave the victim of the bullying feeling very isolated and alone adding to their distress.

Bullying – Counselling and Therapy Can Help

Working through your experiences with a therapist can help you develop new coping strategies and ways of effectively dealing with what is happening to you.