Coping with Miscarriage

Coping with miscarriage is like any other grief,it is an incredibly lonely and confusing experience. Not everyone understands how devastated or bewildered you may be feeling. People say inappropriate things; in fact, people just say the wrong thing and it seems wherever you go however well meaning people are around you feel isolated and alone.

Those around you may not understand the volume of grief you are experiencing. They may not understand the effect it is having on you or your family. Your relationship may be strained as you are both isolated in your own grief – for a while it may feel as though you can’t communicate as you used to.

Losing a baby is traumatic. It may be accompanied by medical complications that have left you physically and emotionally drained and recovery may seem a long way off. At Ancora, we have experience of dealing with the emotional aftermath of miscarriage. We can help you to piece together your life, find a way forward, and a way of assimilating the grief, whilst acknowledging the impact it has had on you and your life.

Your grief may be complicated by mixed feelings about pregnancy, and it may be difficult for you to voice the complex emotions that you are feeling. A course of therapy will help you explore these feelings and help you to understand your own reactions.

Coping with Miscarriage for Partners

You may be the partner of someone who has suffered a miscarriage, you may be finding it difficult to support your partner and feel you have to mask your own pain. There may not be the opportunity for you to express how you feel. Sometimes men feel guilt when their partner miscarries. Guilt for getting your partner pregnant, guilt for not having responded as you feel you should. Counselling and therapy will give you the opportunity to express yourself and explore your own feelings. Coming to terms with your own grief today will be an important step to recovering from the trauma of a miscarriage.