Counselling Frequently Asked Questions / Counselling Confidentiality – Will my sessions be confidential?

Ensuring and maintaining confidentiality is central to what we offer. Confidentiality is one of the foundations to a good working relationship. I do not discuss you with anyone outside of the sessions.

Using a private counselling and therapy service means that the fact that you are receiving help does not appear anywhere on your doctors notes.

To work within the guidelines set down by the BACP there are exceptional circumstances where the need to maintain confidentiality would be overridden. Namely if it was believed that you were to seriously hurt yourself or someone else, or that a child was at risk. At this point it would be my duty to seek aid from an outside agency. Please be aware this only happens in very exceptional circumstances.

As a requirement of good and ethical practice and a commitment to continuing comprehensive service I discuss on a monthly basis the clinical work I do with a supervisor. A supervisor would have no access to your personal details and is bound by the same guidelines on confidentiality.

Supervision is a process that all Accredited Members engage in. It forms part of good practice and it is an opportunity to have my clinical work assessed. In an environment that is supportive and educational my supervisor and I are identify issues I may have missed or point out other areas of exploration.

Clients are often worried about notes being kept on file. During your assessment session I will explain Ancora policy on note keeping and client confidentiality.

There are times when as a client you may require a report to be written. I am always happy to do this and will ensure that all clients see reports before they are sent.

I am happy to liaise with any organisations or health care professionals on your behalf but I will ask for you to sign a “Permission to Disclose Form”.

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