Public Sector Workers

At Ancora Counselling, we understand the demands placed on public sector workers. Very often you are required to undertake the most difficult tasks in society.

Nursing, teaching, policing, fire fighting and keeping our roads safe all carry a very particular responsibility. This burden and the nature and pressures of your work can all take a toll on your health and well being.

Counselling and therapy may be offered at work as part of your Occupational Health Policy but there are occasions where you may like to seek support outside the organisation. That’s why Ancora Counselling are offering a 10% discount to all public sector workers.

Medical Professionals

Public Sector Workers - Medical ProfessionalsAs a Doctor, Nurse or Ambulance Driver you are being asked each day to care and monitor the needs of others and balance this alongside working with tight resources and the pressures of cutbacks. Often, patients arrive with expectations about what you can and cannot do for them. Dealing with the public is difficult and can leave you feeling tired and unable to prioritise your own needs. Having personal problems can impact on your professional life. It’s often onerous when you are in the midst of a crisis to take the first steps to health for yourself. At Ancora, taking the first steps could not be simpler. Make a call or fill out the on-line form and we will contact you to make an initial appointment.


Public Sector Workers - Police Officers and StaffPolicing is a difficult area of work, by the very nature of your role you are encountering traumatic events. You are a witness to criminal behaviour and often see its distressing impact on victims of crime. There are ways that you would have found for dealing with this.  However, there may be a time when you find that you are not sleeping well, that it’s difficult to switch off, and you don’t get the pleasure that you used to out of spending time with family or friends. If any of this applies to you then contact Ancora and take the first steps to feeling well.

Fire Fighters

Public Sector Workers - Fire FightersAs a Fire Fighter you are being exposed to traumatic events and you may find that one day this catches up with you. Responding to fires, road traffic accidents and medical emergencies can begin to take its toll. There are many reports that anywhere between 7% and 37% of Fire Fighters are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress. This can impact greatly on your personal life. You might have coped for years doing your job, and then there can be the “one shout” that is unbearable. It may not be the worst, but your tolerance and resilience be depleted. Facing a crisis can be lonely. By engaging in therapy, you do not have to make your journey unsupported.


Public Sector Workers - Teaching and Academic StaffIncreasingly, demands are being placed on teachers and workplace stress is now commonplace among teaching staff. Juggling with the requirements of students and government legislation can lead to personal difficulties arising as you to cope with continuing changes in the curriculum. It can often feel as though you are swimming against the tide. Make use of your time at Ancora and work out how to deal more effectively with stress. Looking at ways of managing your time more effectively will lead to creating a better work life balance.