Help with Obesity and Being Overweight

Being overweight can lead to many complex feelings. You may feel depressed, uncomfortable and unhappy with your weight. Having a weight issue can really undermine your confidence and lead to isolation and feelings of unworthiness. Being overweight apart from being physically difficult can take its toll on our self esteem.

When all else has failed, when you have tried adjusting your diet and exercise and reduced portion size and you still cannot lose weight you begin to experience despair and frustration. It can feel like a never ending cycle of trying hard, denial and self loathing. Getting on the scales is either something you avoid or dread.

I firmly believe that changing our relationship to food is integral to loosing weight. I also believe exploring the psychological issues around why the weight is there is key to you beginning to change. Nobody tells you that loosing weight is really hard. We are told on certain diets that we will never feel hungry. I suppose my approach is different. As with anything worth achieving I believe that loosing weight takes effort, it’s difficult and takes emotional and mental strength to achieve. At Ancora we commit to being alongside you for your journey to physical and mental health.

Having worked with many clients with weight issues I understand that often the key lies in past relationships and trauma. Together as we begin your journey of self discovery or release from trauma, you can begin to make new choices for yourself based on a greater understanding of psyche.

There are many reasons why we eat and why we are the weight we are. Comfort eating is now a phrase that is often used to describe the behaviour of making ourselves feel better using food. It makes sense to me to explore and come to terms with the cause of your distress and to help you find more productive ways of finding comfort.