Online Counselling

Access counselling onlineDid you know that you can access our counselling services online or over the phone?

Ancora Counselling offers a variety of solutions for those who cannot attend regular appointments at our counselling suites.

We make use of Skype and a web-cam to make the online sessions more personal.

Online Counselling as an Alternative

Online counselling or counselling services via the phone are not a substitute for the relationship, which forms from a face to face meeting, but they offer a real alternative for those who cannot attend regular one to one meetings with a counsellor.

Online counselling will enable people facing restrictions in their daily life to access support and start tackling the concerns they are facing today.

If any of the below apply to you then online counselling maybe the solution you are looking for: –

  • Maybe you are very busy, work long hours, or travel away frequently, and just can’t commit yourself to regular face-to-face appointments?
  • You may be housebound for some reason— maybe with a disability, or care for small children/elderly parents, and have no support system to enable you to spend time away from home.
  • If you are a deaf person, online counselling saves the need to seek an interpreter, and may also be useful if you or the counsellor does not use sign language.

Online Counselling -€“ How to Get Started

If attending appointments at our counselling suites seems unobtainable and you wish to consider the variety of online and phone options offered by Ancora Counselling, simply fill out our Book an Appointment Page or call us and we can discuss the options with you. Full details of how to get started can be found here.