Using dreams in therapy

Clients through the course of their therapy often discuss or explore the dreams they have whilst sleeping. These often provide valuable insights into worries and concerns that they have during the day and in some instances when explored can illuminate relationships and guide decisions.

The dreams we have when we are awake are however of great importance. They are our hopes and dreams for a better future a different way of life and can be the start of making those very important life changes.

An ability to “dream” whilst awake, to have an idea, hope wish for a future is not always a given. If your life has been difficult, you have had set backs, life has not worked out the way you had hoped you may find it difficult to have these waking dreams.

The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean unsailed, a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channeled toward some great good. Brian Tracy

Our parents sometimes have dreams and ambitions for us and for some the pressures of these can be overbearing. The opposite position however, where those that care for us have no ambition for us, don’t teach us to dream or visualise the kind of life we want can be just as harmful. As children we believe we can do anything and with the right encouragement we can reach for our hearts desire. If the spark of dreams and potential is dampened by the adults around you as a child you may have difficulty imagining all the possibilities open to you as an adult

For many of us life is incredibly busy, we can get stuck in the treadmill of life. The pressures of earning a living, paying bills, making sure the children are ok all get in the way of our imaginative creative side that can see possibilities and potential.

How then can therapy help with dreaming you may ask. Therapy provides a valuable space to think and explore all who you are and begin to see all who you can be. Once the fog of the past and business of the present clears you can begin to have an idea of the life you dream of. Therapy can help you hold onto your dream and work through internal barriers in order to live to your full potential.