Our Shadow Self

our-shadow-selfThe sun is out, and the long cold winter we all endured is gradually slipping into memory. The sun and warmth change our outlook and how we feel. The sun casts our silhouette on the ground, and we all become used to walking in time with our shadow self.

But, what of our shadow side that we are only dimly aware of. That side of ourselves that remains obscure, defended and unknown even to ourselves. We may have a nagging feeling that all is not well, we may feel unsettled and not know why we feel generally ill at ease with ourselves.

Our shadow side, the darker side of ourself often remains as a blind spot. Just as when we are driving, we may intellectually know there is an obstacle in our way but be unable to see it and in turn be unable to navigate around it or prevent ourselves from crashing into it.

How many of us suffer from these hidden obstacles within? How many of us are unable to move forward because of unseen forces.

How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side also if I am to be whole. C.G.Jung

Therapy is truly a way to explore your shadow side. To go accompanied by your therapist into the land that is hidden in your subconscious. There, you can discover and uncover hidden impulses, desire and obstacles that remain obscured and are often the cause of you not living or enjoying the life you desire.

The journey can be difficult, frightening even, but if you find a therapist that you trust who is prepared to negotiate the path with you; eventually, you will reach a new place. A place of understanding and acceptance of yourself. What you have been unable to see about yourself will no longer have such a hold on your life and you will be free to make decisions for yourself free from old patterns.