Why Are We Afraid To Jump?

On The Edge

How often do we stand on the edge of something and are too afraid to jump? That does not make us weak; it makes us human. We all have fears, past experiences, insecurities, thoughts that hold us back.

This latest news is owed to a conversation with a clever man called Will. Sometimes it does not seem to matter how much we want to change, move forward, step into the future or take a leap of faith, the silver binding thread of procrastination can hold us securely in our past.

“Come to the edge.’ ‘We cant. We’re afraid’

‘Come to the edge.’ We can’t. We will fall!

‘Come to the edge.’ And they came. And he pushed them.
And they flew”Guillaume Apollinaire

The idea that we get “pushed” can seem a little harsh, violent even. The truth is that life events such as the death of someone close, redundancy, births, children leaving home divorce all form part of that push. Life can be difficult, inspiring, frightening, and a multitude of other adjectives, but if we allow ourselves to be touched or pushed by them we can all fly.

What stops us flying? What holds us at the edge? ‘We do’ is the simple answer. The way we look at the world and our philosophy about who we are and what our purpose is can hold us on that edge for years. In a recent survey on old age one of the keys to success was an ability to change, to be adaptable to our circumstances.

When we stand on the edge; however, unhappy or uncomfortable we are we are sure of our surroundings. We know them, feel the ground beneath our feet and get used to the familiarity of the certainty around us. Leaping or being pushed can be frightening, daunting, and exciting. It may not be what we want, our partner might have left, we might have lost a job etc but if we can at least stretch out a hand to uncertainty we will fly.

What can therapy offer you if you find yourself on the edge and unhappy? It can offer you the opportunity to explore what holds you there. What thoughts and past unresolved problems contribute to your inability to move with confidence into your future.

Maybe we can all start by taking at least a peak at what lies beyond the edge we have created for ourselves.