Counselling Supervision for Professionals and Students

Ancora offers counselling supervision to professional therapists and students studying for a counselling qualification or accreditation with BACP.

The very nature of counselling and therapy places demands upon therapists. Supervision is a supportive and objective space where you can explore your work with clients. During the supervision process I am keen for you to develop your practice, to grow and learn with confidence whilst being mindful of and adhering to the BACP code of ethics. Together we can explore your client sessions, ensure that their needs are being met and identify any areas where a different approach can be taken.

I am finding that my therapy as a trainee has another dimension to it …it definitely complements and broadens my training experience. K.C. Worcester

€œSupervision is a working alliance between two professionals where the supervisee offers an account of their work, and has the opportunity to reflect on it, receive feedback, and guidance if applicable. The object of this alliance is to enable the worker to gain in ethical competency, confidence, and creativity as to give the best possible services to clients. (Inskipp and Proctor, 2001)

As a therapist I have been in private practice for 12 years. I have also worked in a GP surgery and for Worcester University as a Student Counsellor. Before this, I was a Manager for Victim Support that involved supervising volunteers supporting victims of crime.

I’€™m not a therapist but I would still like to receive supervision

If you are not a counsellor or therapist, your supervision needs will be different. After our first session, I will be able to tailor a supervision package that meets an individual or organisations requirements.
As well as offering supervision for counsellors and therapists I also supervise the staff from various organisations where their primary role is dealing with the distress of individuals.

What Happens Next

Contact me on the form below and you and I will meet for a half hour session. After that initial meeting you and I will both decide how we feel about working together. If we both feel comfortable, we will agree meeting times and rates. I adhere to the BACP Code of Ethics and offer 1.5 hrs supervision per month. If your workload is particularly heavy, we can adjust to suit your needs.