Personal Development

Not Getting What You Want Out Of Life?

Personal DevelopmentPersonal Development – Many people are unaware that a course of therapy can be an invaluable way to help you develop and achieve your own personal goals. Sometimes we may feel that things are not going particularly right in our life. If this is the case then a course of sessions where you explore your own psyche and come to a greater understanding of whom you are, what your motivations are, and whom you want to be, will be of significant help.

Life is not always about finding yourself – in therapy you get to create yourself in a new more significant way. With a relationship that is both supportive and challenging you can grow in confidence giving you a new and more powerful sense of identity.

Therapy gives you a way for you to discover capabilities and qualities that you were unaware you had. It can also enable you to develop a new individuality.

It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere. Agnes Repellier

We often hear the phrase “skeletons in the cupboard” but we can be unaware of how those skeletons affect our daily lives. We may be so keen on hiding them that we become less and less aware of the impact that this action has on our everyday life.

Therapy is a safe way to look at the parts of ourselves that we hide from others; these can hinder our development and have a negative affect on our lives. During the therapeutic relationship, you will be able to recognise these aspects of yourself and begin to make new choices as you increase the knowledge of yourself.

A personal development experience

The only journey is the journey within. Rainer Maria Rilke¨

A personal development experience with Ancora will involve your engagement in the process outside the sessions. This may mean reading, journalling, or any other ideas you have that will increase the knowledge and understanding that you have of yourself.

After the your initial assessment I will tailor a Personal Development plan that considers your motivations for embarking on this course of action and the goals of your therapy. Together we will work as a team to enable you to fulfil all your potential.

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